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Get faster, more effective resolution of incidents with our innovative mobile app

Spill Center’s easy-to-use Mobile Incident Response App allows your drivers and other field personnel to quickly and easily request urgent response from our 24/7 Incident Response Center from the convenience of their mobile device.

No matter where or when your incident occurs, your personnel can quickly and easily report their incident to your 24/7 Incident Response Center.

Incident Reports

Our automated roles-based alerting and dashboard means your designated need-to-know contacts are notified quickly—and can easily access the details they need. You define exactly who needs to be notified – and our mobile alerts them of any incidents. The app includes a geo-locator to ensure you have immediate access to accurate incident location details.

A contact directory provides easy access to key contact names you’ll want at your fingertips while The Contractor feature provides details on any spill response contractors that have been assigned to you.

Mobile response app
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Incident Details

You can view the Incident Details to identify who initiated the spill alert, the location of the incident, the exact time the alert was logged, and other key details that are vital to collect and report – such as whether anyone was exposed, who were the first responders, etc.

Scrolling down allows you to see a recorded log of each key person who’s been contacted, what time they were alerted, and by what means they were contacted.

The History tab provides a complete log of previous incidents for your reference viewing.

Mobile Response App Incident details timestamps
Mobile response app uploading attachments


The Attachment feature lets you attach and view any photos or other key documents related to the incident so that they’re properly reported and archived.

Incidents reports, contractor dispatch and photos are available 24/7 on the dashboard to ensure you have a clear, accurate history of your response efforts.

Configured for Your Specific Needs and How You Operate

Spill Center works with you to build reporting dashboards that are based on your business and how you work – including your customers, materials, contractors, and any key data you need to capture during reporting. This allow your designated team to access the contacts and reports they need to ensure that your spill response is timely, effective, and meets the many compliance regulations necessary to reduce fines and avoid expensive litigation.

In addition, the Spill Center Mobile Incident Response App leverages the latest security technology to ensure your data is highly secured.

Mobile response app
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