You Can Count on Spill Center to Negotiate After-Spill Costs

Insurers are in the business of controlling costs related to client claims, which can get out of control quickly when they involve environmental releases of hazardous materials and other regulated substances. Insurance company partners can rely on the resources of Spill Center™ to control costs associated with spill-related claims. In nearly 30 years, we’ve grown to become the North American authority on spill support and claims management.

Our mission is to provide bottom-line value to our insurance partners. Here’s an example of how we could have helped if we had been notified of an environmental release. One of our transportation clients ended up with bills for thousands of dollars to reimburse fire and rescue services after a minor diesel fuel spill when 28 emergency personnel from two fire departments arrived on the scene.

One of the carrier’s trucks had jack-knifed in a collision with another vehicle not far from the fleet’s terminal in rural central Pennsylvania. As a result of the accident, the truck’s fuel crossover line ruptured. By the driver’s calculation of miles traveled since his last fill-up, no more than five or six gallons of diesel fuel remained in the tank to leak out.

Emergency crews typically don’t respond to spills that small. Yet fire departments have a right by law to be compensated when called by police at accident scenes. Could the driver have done anything to reduce the charges totaling $14,346 that the carrier later received from the two fire departments?

Since the carrier was a Spill Center client, the driver should have immediately called the Spill Center Hotline to report the incident. We would have contacted the local authorities and fire departments to advise them of the small quantity of fuel involved and that Spill Center would be managing the cleanup and reporting. We basically give the authorities enough information to decide not to respond to the scene.

A spill that seems very minor can have major consequences if not handled correctly and in a timely manner. Insurance companies that partner with Spill Center encourage their insureds to register with our service at no charge, saving a registration fee. Once registered, spill generators only pay Spill Center for services that they require after spills. Our goal is to control spill-related costs and limit any potential liability associated with the release.

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